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Papads are True to their name and nature and even more. They are not only so crispy and delicious but have nourishing contents too.

Factory Facts

Equipped with Modern Automatic Plant.In house Lab for Nutrition Analiysis Microbiology. Hygienic & Controlled Environment.Completely untouched by hands.All hands Gloved, heads and mouth covered.Metal Detector placed for Control of any metallic body going with the product. All Manufacturing process carried out under one Roof. Factory installed with Air Curtains, Exhausts, Dehumidifiers and Pest Controls.All sections of work divided separately. Certificated for international food safety norms with HACCP Certificate.Attractive and durable packaging for longer shelf life. Priced on “value for money” Principle. No genetically modified used.No Preservative.

A Bite Size Ready to Eat Ethnic Indian taste

A distinctive time honored, uniquely Indian Snack which gives you an unforgettable test experience. What is more is it contents no Cholesterol, No Gluten, and no Preservatives. It is a Health Snacks for it contains essentially nutritious Ingredients which make it Hassle Free Munching with Passion. A completely vegetarian snack that can be enjoyed to enhance that taste of drinks or on its own for all celebration occasions. Packed In eco-friendly attractive composite, moisture proof cans. Keep the product fresh for a long period. A lid is provided to safeguard the material when it is not completely used in one setting.

Packets 120g & 50g Cans For Popdums 100g Cans For Popacorns.
Bulk Packing 120g/100g - 24Cans
Per Box 50g - 48Cans

Healthy Ingredients

Black Pepper An appetizer,Ervine tonic,Aromatics stimulant Carminative,Stomachic,Digestive.
Cumins Carminative-Good for cold, fever and Dysentery.
Asafoetida Contains an essential oil gum resin. It has Carminative effect and facilitates passage Of flatus.
Coriander Useful for rheumatism, Neuralgia, Cephalalgia And lesion intoxicating effect of spirituous Liquors.
Cardamom small Makes food palatable, helps fat reduction useful In obesity and urinary complaints, vomiting. It is Also useful for abdominal distoration,in the Stomach or intestine.
Turmeric Cures wounds,diabetes,anemia,blood impurities Worm and chronic colds, cough.
Ginger A prime ingredient of many digestive formulation As useful for cough,obesity,elephantiasis asthma And common cold.
Cardamom Large Tonic for heart and liver appetizer and reliever of Wind thru belching.
Cinnamon It imparts Flavours to foods, work as a mouth Freshener, help chek nausea and vomiting. Acts as Nasal decongeslant.
Clove Good for sore throat and cough.
Garlic Checks cholesterol and harmonises heart arteries.
Green Chilly Contains vitamin ‘C’.
HOT N SPICE A Bold Punc Of Spices A Flavours that sharpens and Satisfies Tast Buds and Lingers for a long time.
BLACK PEPPER A Rich Taste Expander.Is Very smooth and Appetizing.
CUMINS An original Flavours which is Soft on Tongue for all ages & acts as Digestive too.
Green Chilly “N” Corriander The Green Queen Vegetarian Chilli Takes Company of Extremely Taste Coriander For a Unique blend to tickle the Senses. A Great Friendly Taste Emerges.
CURRY MASALA A Mix of Various Spices It has the Taste and Flavours of Indian Kitchens With a Light Pinch. Fulfills all Age Tastes.
MANGO CHUTNEY A Tangy Flavours with Relishes of Mango.Settles On the Tongue Like a Home Grown Tase.
SWEET “N” SOUR The unique mix of the Sweet opposits in a ratio that gives a Relishing Satisfaction.
TANGY TOMATO Tomatos natural tang is enhanced sweety with Spices that also enrich The tomato taste and are Smooth on Tongue for all age groups
PLAIN PUNCH Varity of Spices Like Garlic,Cumins,Onion.Black Papper are put Together for a tongue. Sharper taste. Gives a new Sensation to the taste buds.

Clients Satisfaction

Our perfect knowledge of customers' needs has helped us in offering superior quality products that has helped us in attaining their maximum level of satisfaction. We provide these food products in different types and sizes of packing so that they can avail the product as per their requirements.

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